Nov. 2 (Wed) 19:00~

Kamata Movies Festival Special Viewing
“Umi Yama Ahida” (79 min.)

A documentary movie by a photographer Masaaki Miyazawa, who has been taking pictures of Isejingu for 10 years. It includes Isejingu’s sacred forest, Hinoki cypress in Kiso and other natural spots along with the interviews of temple carpenters, fishermen, and scientists in each domain. He also pursued a sustainable coexistence between people and nature by hearing opinions of an architect Kengo Sumi and a movie director of Takeshi Kitano. After screening, he will discuss with an art director Keisuke Nagatomo about a power of movie and Japanese spirit.

Nov. 2 (Wed) 20:30~

Special Talk Show

Masaaki Miyazawa, Photographer
Working in fashion and advertisement domain. With an official permission of taking pictures of the 62nd Jingu Shikinen Sengu, he started his project “Living Myth of Isejingu”, whereby he dedicated about 60,000 artworks by Oct. 2013. His first directed movie about the forest of Isejingu, “Umi Yama Ahida”, won the prizes in overseas movie festivals such as Madrid International Documentary Festival.

Keisuke Nagatomo, Art director
Established K2 with Shotaro Kuroda in 1969. He works for advertisement, CI, art direction of various events while he draws illustrations for novels and writes essays. He wrote “Successful business card design”, “Bookbinding Q&A”, “Practice not to die” and etc. He is an advisor in graphic designing of Nihon Kogakuin College and a vsiting professor of Tokyo University of Art and Design.

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), (Thu) 10:15~

Nihon Kogakuin Creator’s College“Young Creators”

Kamata is well-known as a Mecca of animation and cosplay. Enjoy short movies with a theme of Ota ward and Japan created by young creators who are students in Nihon Kogakuin College. The graduates of the college will appear for radio performance, cosplay and more.

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), 12:30~

“Edo culture / Ukiyoe code”

Kentaro Makino / Lecture about Ukiyoe (Interviewer: Mika Matsuno, Miss Japan)
Using digital images of Boston museum that is famous with Ukiyoe, A producer of NHK promotion & COO of Toyoko Inn, Kentaro Makino, introduces the artworks of people’s wisdom and craftsmanship in Edo era with Miss Mika Matsuno.

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), 12:00~13:30(In front of TIAT SKY HALL )

Haneda Nihonbashi Endai Shogi

Enjoy an event at Haneda Nihonbashi for Japanese chess called Shogi demonstration and couching by professional Shogi players.
Akira Shima Kudan / Tadao Kitajima Shichidan / Ai Watanabe Joryu Shodan

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), 14:15~

Minuscule x Ota Ward x Japan

A Swiss family named “Minuscule” has traveled over 30 countries in the world and made movies in their unique style. Enjoy their short movies about the charm of Ota ward and each region of Japan from children’s and foreigner’s view. The husband and wife will come from Switzerland and appear on a talk show speaking about Ota ward’s new attraction in the movies.

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), 15:30~

“Sumie / Live paint”

Hidekichi Shigemoto / Screening + Talk show (Interviewer: Ayako Tanaka)
Sumie Artist, Hidekichi Shigemoto, performs a live art of Sumie (black and white paining) to draw Samurai, athletes and etc. who is popular in overseas as well. His art works for supporting Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics are displayed on an exterior wall of Haneda Airport domestic passenger terminal. He will appear on a talk show to speak about Sumie and his activities while screening his movie.

Nov. 3 (Thu, National Holiday), 17:00~

“Live Paint in Edo Butai”

A live painting of Hidekichi Shigemoto. Enjoy his speedy, vibrant and lively drawing performance at a special stage of Edo Butai.

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